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  • Software Consulting Services Deliver custom software with confidence.

    BinaryOps is a Software Consulting company in Victoria, BC. We develop custom web and mobile applications. We help businesses succeed with software design, API development, frameworks, DevOps tools, testing and continuous integration. We have the experience to help your business provide software solutions with confidence. Our customers are in both public and private sectors, ranging from large organizations to very small startups.

    We have a passion for pragmatic and cost effective solutions and apply our extensive IT consulting experience to today's tools and technologies. We build applications that people want to use, make their jobs easier and add value to their organizations.

    • More than 40 years combined experience.
    • Current tools and technologies.
    • Proven solutions and designs.
    • We follow current iterative development best practices.
    • Every project starts with a communication plan.

We have logged over 81,488hours of professional consulting.

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Service First.

Rather than focusing only on the technical requirements, we make sure to understand the context in which applications need to function. Our solutions are architected to advance your business goals and help your organization grow.