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Co-Development teams are a great way to add missing skills to an existing team, or simply bring in resources to meet specific goals.

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Co-Development Use Team Augmentation to accelerate your business

Co-Development is a great way to rapidly innovate the software development practices of your team. We will work closely with your team members during all phases of the project and take advantage of all opportunities to illustrate design and implementation alternatives.

  • Project Planning
  • Performance
  • Technical Debt
  • Cloud Deployments
  • Architecture Design
  • Scalability
  • Reusabiltiy
  • Mentoring

Why choose BinaryOps?

We can bring additional software development skills and best practices to your team while developing and implementing your project. When the project is complete, your team will have the skills and knowledge to maintain the solution going forward, as well as develop new solutions using the same paradigms.

How we can help

We can evaluate your current practises, as well as the current software inventory and will work with you to document a plan to achieve your long term goals. During the course of each project, we work with your team members to identify and articulate the incremental changes required to reach those goals while meeting project deliverables.

If you don't currently have development staff in-house, we can review the current state and make a recommendation based on your stated objectives.

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