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Popular JavaScript frameworks provide all the necessary elements to grow your application with your business.

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JavaScript Consulting Build testable and re-usable components

Open source JavaScript frameworks can be used to build rich internet applications of reusable components. Components can be nested and combined as necessary to create dynamic web applications. Extend the HTML syntax to elegantly connect your components providing the interactive behavior we expect from modern web applications while writing code that is consistent and testable.

  • Project Planning
  • Performance
  • Testing
  • Source Code Control
  • Architecture Design
  • Application Stability
  • Reusabiltiy
  • Database Tuning

Why choose BinaryOps?

BinaryOps Software is the first choice for clients when starting a new project or when their projects need expert help. The BinaryOps advantage comes from our in-depth knowledge of information technology solutions and platforms and our ability to deliver innovative, cost effective, cutting edge technology solutions.
We have real-world Angular experience and know how to maximize the framework to build rich internet applications of reusable components.

We have become the partner of choice for start-ups and established organizations because we focus on quality, service, flexibility and value. Delivering quality is critical in everything we do because well written performs better, scales better and in the long run, is cheaper to extend and maintain.

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We have been developing with Angular as far back as Angular2 RC1 and combining that experience with an extensive knowledge of Node.js and many other server-side technologies, we are able to deliver performant web applications to meet the needs of your business, both today and in the future.

The Angular framework moves several, traditionally server-side responsibilities, such as view rendering and routing to the client thereby reducing the burden on the backend. It is designed with testability in mind, making it ideal for test-driven development. These characteristics allow us to focus on building dynamic applications that require fewer server resources, and are not bound to any particular server technology.

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