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Why hire a full stack developer?

Why hire a full stack developer?

Why hire a full stack developer?

Modern software development has changed a lot from the days where entire apps were written with UI and business logic in a single code base. Today there are a lot more layers and it's not simply about front-end, infrastructure, server-side, and database. Each one of those further breaks down into distinct components.


  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • May include additional frameworks or libraries

Networking & Infrastructure:

  • Servers, Load Balancing and CDN's


  • Node.js, PHP, C#, Python etc
  • Depending on the programming language, you're likely dealing with layers here as well


  • MongoDB & replica sets, MySql, Postgress etc

In 2009 the first versions of both Node.js and MongoDB were published and with that came the ability to run JavaScript, not just in the browser, but on the server and in the database as well. Suddenly, it was possible to write entire web applications in a single programming language. It's this end-to-end JavaScript environment that prompted term "full stack developer" as it was now possible to for developers to easily transition from the front-end to the back-end.

A full stack developer may not have mastery of every framework or library but they will absolutely have skills in each respective area. Perhaps the most valuable skill they will bring to the table is their experience and their proven ability to solve problems, identify solutions and get things done. They are able to work anywhere they're needed within the application stack and can provide valuable direction and advice to their peers. There has always been a need for software engineers with an end-to-end awareness of their tools and their craft, that's no less true today where systems have become increasingly complex.

Whether your full stack development is JavaScript or otherwise, having a team that knows it's way around your technology stack will help your team find success and grow your business.

If you're adding fullstack developers to your team, talk to us about how we can help your project succeed.

Mark Voorberg


Mark has been doing database design and building custom software for over twenty years. With a background in electronics, he quickly moved into software development and has been building database software solutions ever since, on many projects of all sizes.